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We help anyone design, develop, and launch their custom apps or websites.

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At Na:gne [nog-nuh] Studio we believe that anyone should be able to turn their idea into an incredible custom app or website, and to launch it into the world.

We provide custom packages and up front pricing to help founders and businesses of all sizes turn their ideas into a reality, through software design, development and product launch services.

Sara Votta

Account & Project Manager

What you get when working with us:

Upfront people & pricing. 
Every step of the way.

We want to take the stress out of creating a new app, so we focus on being upfront about costs, timelines, and the viability of ideas at every stage. Anything to help you make an informed decision.

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Flexible Packages & Pay-As-You-Go pricing plans.

Sometimes you need a set price to deliver your initial app, sometimes you need pricing for resources week-by-week - sometimes you need a mix of both! We provide flexible plans and packages for any situation.

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Problem solvers at every stage & for every budget.

Our team are experts at working with early stage products and teams. We help you understand what you NEED, what you can work around, and how to get the most from your budget.

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For the past 2 years we've been disrupting the agency status quo.

A marketplace connecting those in need of commercial space to those that have it. We designed and developed their MVP and are still a partner for their team to scale resources.

A platform providing an AI-Enabled remote patient monitoring solution for cardiovascular patients. We developed a device integrated app and continue to be a development partner.

A Site Access and Control system for rail professionals to allow contractors to manage personnel, activities, fatigue and claims. We developed their app and continue to be a partner.

A fleet management tool for tour and bus operators with features covering bookings, scheduling, vehicle & driver management. We developed and designed their web application.

An app aiming to reduce the volume of indecent images of children being produced and entering the public domain. We helped design and test a protoype for this product.

An app that helps you make hands-free sales calls and voice-to-text notes when you’re on the go. We designed and developed the application along with marketing collateral.

A platform that connects African businesses with assured quality consultants and trainers in the rest of the world. We helped design and develop the MVP for this platform.

A business dedicated to helping anyone carrying a mobile phone measure and reduce their impact on climate change. We designed and developed an MVP for their product.

A guest engagement and integrations platform for hotels which simplifies digital transformation. We designed a dashboard experience and delivered a modular design.

A business providing housing providers with a platform for connecting applicants and referral agencies, improving their operating efficiency to save them time and money.

A phone-based AI moderation software allowing businesses to moderate user-uploaded images and videos before they leave mobile devices and reach the internet.

A business creating products that deliver education tools for financial capability and enable communities with financial guidance, tech and connection to expert support.

An app designed to enable Universities and Polytechs to create digital campus and community experiences for their students with clubs, jobs, offers, services and more.

A complete ERP business platform to digitise and improve business processes within enterprises allowing teams to track tasks along process maps and project versions.

A team focused on bringing the music experience of vinyl and merchandise to the digital forum through incredible visual experiences and super-fan music knowledge.

A platform that consolidates important documents and personal information into one place with the added benefit of making things easier for legal professionals or carers.

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Our services:

UX/UI Design and Testing for beautiful interfaces that are easy to use.

We have brought dozens of product ideas to life, creating user stories and wireframes to convey how an app is used, and building complete interactive digital designs that can be used for user testing or funding. Not to mention we deliver modern designs that look incredible!

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Web App, Native iOS & Android, and Cross-Platform Software Development

Our engineering experts can guide you through the whole product development process, recommend the best technology, and code your entire platform. We can deliver Minimum Viable Products or complete digital platforms, with scaling resources to adapt to your timelines and budget.

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Packaged Costs OR Agile Sprint-by-sprint Team Costs so you can Pay As You Go.

We go beyond the one price fits all, and static services of the past. If you are wanting a basic proof of concept product we have packages perfect for you, but if you need anything more we can create completely custom pricing packages for you - pay as you go, sprint by sprint, as you have the funds.

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About us.

“2 years ago we set out to create our own app, and even with decades of design and development experience between us, we struggled to find a single agency that had time to hear about our idea - let alone one willing to help us start with a budget under £100,000!

The more we talked to our community, all trying to start their own apps too, we realised it wasn’t just a problem for us. The majority of agencies just wanted to take on the big projects, the big companies, and the apps with enormous budgets.

That seemed incredibly unfair. Like building an app or a website was somehow a luxury that only the elite could afford. So we decided to change that then and there.

Na:gne Studio was born to help anyone create an app or website. We changed the normal way things are done by creating Proof-Of-Concept design packages to help anyone go for funding, agile sprint-by-sprint payment plans to allow pay-as-you-go options for those on tight budgets, and focused on building partnerships with our community rather than chasing the biggest sales - and it has been an incredible success.”

Why Na:gne Studio?

Software experts

We're the software experts. Our entire team has spent their careers delivering software for clients and customers all over the world, growing new digital platforms and building sustainable products.

Decades of experience

Whether you are looking for experience in startups and the modern SaaS world, or experience in global technology and financial enterprises, you've found the right team to deliver your product.

Trusted partner

We don't focus on one-off projects and churning through as many apps as possible, we try to partner with all of our customers for the long term, focusing on your long term success and helping you scale.


We aim to bring better value than our competitors to all of our customers. Based in Scotland (make of that what you will...) we aim to ensure your money gets you value in return - and we don't subscribe to the 60% mark-ups that the big players do!


Transparency is the key to a good working relationship with all of our customers. Transparency about costs, viability of ideas, timelines and more. Even before you're a customer we provide complete breakdowns of costs, estimates, tasks, and assumptions.


From day one we commit to being honest with everyone. That includes leads who we think would be better off going with an off-the-shelf solution, or a competitor. We are committed to being honest about what is best for you - and what we can deliver uniquely.


Flexibility enables founders and business to create products at their own rate. We provide flexibility in our plans, packages, platforms, pricing and more. The only thing we aren't flexible on is the timelines we commit to for your services.


We care about your business, your idea, your success - you. We learn about your idea and product and make sure that what we are delivering is what you need, what will help your product get to the next stage, and what will help you succeed.


You only live once, and we aren't here to work with teams and businesses we don't get along with. We work with people that we enjoy partnering with, we have good banter, great discussions, help you network, and celebrate each others success.

What people say about working with us.

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Callum MacPherson
CEO & Founder

“After obtaining proposals from multiple agencies, we found Na:gne’s approach to be the most robust and well thought through. Since the initial engagement we have continued to work closely with Na:gne on a retained basis and view them as a valued and core extension of our small team.”

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Dr. Kyle Lifson
CEO & Founder

“Working with Na:gne has been a pleasure and privilege. The team have been outstanding in perfectly grasping and conceptualising our MVP / app needs at the start of our health tech startup journey. I think the best testimony is when you aspire to partner with company in the future because you value their outstanding qualities.”

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Hannah Mercer
CEO & Founder

“Na:gne Studio was able to bring to life the vision CensorPic had to protect children in both design and user flow. Post pivot, we are continuing to re-engage with Na:gne with a better refined product, knowing we have a wealth of experience to rely on when working with them.”

What you need to know.

How much will it cost to design and develop my app or website?

Everyone has different needs to bring their ideas to life. We can get you started on your development journey with agile sprint-by-sprint costs, meaning you can pay for 2 weeks of work by a team at a time, building what you need first as you go. The cost of a development team for one sprint starts at £3,500 and goes up depending on the expertise you need.

A typical completed MVP (minimum viable product) for an app costs around £17,800, and complex and detailed apps can range up to £50,000+.
If you don't have funding yet we can help with that too, with Proof Of Concept design packages starting from £3,350.

For more information visit our pricing page or use our pricing calculator here.

How long does it take to build my app or website?
What size and type of companies do you work with?
Where is your team located?
What’s a typical client and agency relationship like?
Can you work with my existing development team?
Can you work with my existing app or website?

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