Who we are

Pronounced “nog-nuh”, na:gne translates to “naked” in Norwegian and is at the heart of what we do for app development – we believe in true transparency.

Founded in April 2019, we’re a progressive app studio. Based in Edinburgh Scotland, we go further than traditional app development agencies – it’s not just about the app. We love ideas. We’ll do a free non-obligation workshop to understand your app idea – so that we know exactly what needs to be built and why.

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Our Process

First, we take the time to meet you. We understand your idea and your business model through a free 2-3 hour workshop. This allows us to provide accurate quotes that you can trust.

Second, we wireframe and work together to create a full end-to-end interactive prototype which will be used as the blueprint for app development. 

Third, we go into developing the app. By linking the design process together we can produce exactly what you wanted from the day we met.

“Our Mission Is To Turn Your Complex Ideas Into Simple Apps”

Andrew Garden
Creative Founder, Na:gne Studio

Our team

Meet the team turning your creative ideas into reality through minimalist modern apps and business scaling.

Andreas Granmo
CEO & Co-Founder

Over 20 years experience enabling IT transformation for multinationals and government enterprises in multiple sectors (Dell, HSBC, Nokia).

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Andrew Garden
COO & Co-Founder

Over 8 years of startup experience in Social Technology and FinTech, delivering apps for global banking businesses, creative startups and entrepreneurs alike. 

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Jimmy McLellan
Chief Commercial Officer

Digital Marketing, Product Development, and Business Growth Specialist with over 8 years experience growing start-ups into global markets inc. America, Europe, Asia, and EAP.

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Maciej Kowalski

A mobile engineering specialist with a passion for building modern minimalist apps that can scale and grow with businesses around the globe.

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Pierre-Alexandre Ribeiro Adamopoulos
Business Development

A certified Project Management Associate with international experience and a proven track record in delivering complex transformation projects.

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Sara Votta
Account & Project Manager

A leading project manager specialising in software development and startups, bringing consistency in delivery and quality of work to all of our partners.

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Steven Faseyiku
Business Development

A successful business development partner working on projects and equity interests in tech, passenger transport, and enterprise productivity.

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Let’s build your app today.

We’d love the chance to turn your app idea into a reality, so get in touch with us today to discuss what we can do for you. We can even organise a free concept workshop.

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