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Commercial Team


  • Looking for a sales team member
  • For an app development agency doing things differently
  • This is not a “Senior” role, we’re a small and growing team
  • Role is UK based, targeting English customers, exact location doesn’t matter
  • Must be technically minded and excited by tech, apps and startups
  • Must be open and accepting of anyone
  • Experience and education doesn’t matter
  • Technical/engineering background is a plus (but not necessary)
  • Business development background is a plus (but not necessary)
  • Enthusiasm, drive, and teamwork are musts
  • Ability to connect with people is a must

Overview of the role:

We’re Na: gne [nog-nuh] Studio, and we’re looking for a technically minded, enthusiastic and generally talkative person to come join the sales team of our app development agency.

We’re taking our view of ‘app development for anyone’, and giving it to anyone! That means expanding our reach and our awareness across the UK by bringing on a new like-minded sales team member to assist with our business development. We’ve doubled our revenue year on year, do you want to help us grow it even further this year?

Your job will be to go find new people who would like to build their own app, whether they be an entrepreneur, a student, a business leader, or a small business owner, and show them how we can help make their idea a reality.

You’ll be supported by our awesome team of technical, product, account and commercial members throughout the sales process, and be given a stream of inbound leads to help build your sales pipeline.

This role will be based in the UK targeting new English customers, but where you specifically base yourself is entirely up to you. Our HQ is in Edinburgh, which you might visit from time to time, but as a business, we are a remote team with members all across the globe.

About us:

Here’s a little story from our founders, Andreas and Andrew, to give you some background on who we are, and why we do what we do:

“2 years ago we set out to create our own app, and even with decades of design and development experience between us, we struggled to find a single agency that had time to hear about our idea - let alone one willing to help us start with a budget under £100,000!

The more we talked to our community, all trying to start their own apps too, we realised it wasn’t just a problem for us. The majority of agencies just wanted to take on the big projects, the big companies, and the apps with enormous budgets.

That seemed incredibly unfair. Like building an app or a website was somehow a luxury that only the elite could afford. So we decided to change that then and there.

Na: gne Studio was born to help anyone create an app or website. We changed the normal way things are done by creating Proof-Of-Concept design packages to help anyone go for funding, agile sprint-by-sprint payment plans to allow pay-as-you-go options for those on tight budgets, and focused on building partnerships with our community rather than chasing the biggest sales - and it has been an incredible success.”

What we are looking for:

We aren’t looking for your typical sales member. We work well as a team because we know what we sell, how the whole app development process works, what it takes to deliver not just an app - but a successful business off the back of it (you don’t have to know all of this from the start - we’ll help you get there).

We look to partner with our customers rather than just do one-off builds, and that comes with having an understanding of what they are trying to achieve and showing them that they can trust us to help them get there.

So what do you bring to the team? You’ll need to have a good technical understanding, confidence is definitely key, but you don’t need to be the most experienced salesperson. We’d rather you have something unique that contributes to the overall success of our team and the businesses we work with. Be that technical/engineering knowledge, digital marketing skills, growth hacking and business strategy experience - or anything else that makes a startup tick along!

Most importantly we aren’t looking for a set number of years of experience or a level of qualification. We are looking for the right person for our team and community - if you think that is you then please apply!

Key responsibilities:

  • Finding people that want to build apps
  • Booking workshops for us to understand and size their apps
  • Creating proposals for those people on the likely costs of app delivery, and options for how we could build it - or how we could price it to suit their needs
  • Contacting people that have messaged us about wanting to build an app
  • Qualifying people to ensure they have the plans, drive and budget to make our engagement with them a success
  • Helping people looking for information on what it takes to build a successful app and business
  • Closing sales! Bringing onboard new customers to our ever-growing community of new business partners
  • Managing relationships with the partners you bring on to help them with their business needs as their apps and ideas grow
  • Updating your progress in our sales management tools so that we can all see progress and help you succeed at every step

Key requirements:

  • Technically minded
  • Confidence with computers
  • Confidence with people
  • Ability to build relationships
  • Startup or development background is a bonus
  • Business development background is a bonus

Other details:

Expected Start Date: 03/05/2021

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £27,000.00-£30,000.00 per year

Additional pay: Bonus scheme


  • Casual dress
  • Flexible schedule
  • Work from home

Contact details:

If you think this role sounds like something you’d not only be good at, but enjoy, then please get in touch with today.

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