Our Case Studies.

For the past 2 years we've been disrupting the agency status quo.

A marketplace connecting those in need of commercial space to those that have it. We designed and developed their MVP and are still a partner for their team to scale resources.

A platform providing an AI-Enabled remote patient monitoring solution for cardiovascular patients. We developed a device integrated app and continue to be a development partner.

A Site Access and Control system for rail professionals to allow contractors to manage personnel, activities, fatigue and claims. We developed their app and continue to be a partner.

A fleet management tool for tour and bus operators with features covering bookings, scheduling, vehicle & driver management. We developed and designed their web application.

An app aiming to reduce the volume of indecent images of children being produced and entering the public domain. We helped design and test a protoype for this product.

An app that helps you make hands-free sales calls and voice-to-text notes when you’re on the go. We designed and developed the application along with marketing collateral.

A platform that connects African businesses with assured quality consultants and trainers in the rest of the world. We helped design and develop the MVP for this platform.

A business dedicated to helping anyone carrying a mobile phone measure and reduce their impact on climate change. We designed and developed an MVP for their product.

A guest engagement and integrations platform for hotels which simplifies digital transformation. We designed a dashboard experience and delivered a modular design.

A business providing housing providers with a platform for connecting applicants and referral agencies, improving their operating efficiency to save them time and money.

A phone-based AI moderation software allowing businesses to moderate user-uploaded images and videos before they leave mobile devices and reach the internet.

A business creating products that deliver education tools for financial capability and enable communities with financial guidance, tech and connection to expert support.

An app designed to enable Universities and Polytechs to create digital campus and community experiences for their students with clubs, jobs, offers, services and more.

A complete ERP business platform to digitise and improve business processes within enterprises allowing teams to track tasks along process maps and project versions.

A team focused on bringing the music experience of vinyl and merchandise to the digital forum through incredible visual experiences and super-fan music knowledge.

A platform that consolidates important documents and personal information into one place with the added benefit of making things easier for legal professionals or carers.

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