Building a marketplace for business spaces


Wireframing and Prototyping

Occupyd was already using a “marketplace as a service” platform, but wanted to build their own platform free of any limitation. The brief was to create a platform which enables businesses to market their space and for Entrepreneurs to find space for their business activities. During a 2 week period we took the concept and created a wireframe detailing all the features and functions of the entire platform.

Design and Development

Building on the wireframes we used Occupyd’s brand guidelines and designed a high def prototype of the new platform, ready for development. 

Once the design was completed, the Nagne development team put together a technical architecture based on Firebase database, authentication and cloud functions for the back-end and the chosen framework for the web application was Angular. The development was planned in 3 x 2 week sprints which were completed on time and deployed.

The End Product

The resulting platform can be visited on Occupyd has expressed their excitement about the look, feel and responsiveness of the platform. They also value the ability to continually make improvements and add new features based on feedback from their users.

Looking Forward

Occupyd have completed their initial funding round and are growing their user base while continuing to innovate and develop the platform. Nagne Studio and Occupyd have an ongoing partnership for software development of the Occupyd platform.

“After obtaining proposals from multiple agencies, we found Na:gne's approach to be the most robust and well thought through. Since the initial engagement, we have continued to work closely with Na:gne on a retained basis and view them as a valued and core extension of our small team.”
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