Designing CensorPic, read the Na:gne Studio Customer Story.



The team at CensorPic already had the technology for their vision, but were unsure of how to turn it into a live app. That’s where Na:gne Studio came in.



CensorPic wanted to test their end-users with an interactive prototype that would allow them to validate their idea. The brief was to create an app design which enables CensorPic to test directly with their target market – parents and their children. During a 3 week period we took the concept and created a wireframe detailing all the features and functions of the entire app.



We created a design that allowed parents to install the CensorPic app onto their child’s device. We then designed a login flow for parents that would allow them to monitor the child’s phone with a reporting interface that included text and email alerts. Using these flows and wireframes we followed CensorPic’s brand guidelines and designed a high def prototype of the mobile app, ready for development.

“Na:gne Studio was able to bring to life the vision CensorPic had to protect children in both design and user flow.”

Hannah Mecer
CEO, CensorPic

The End Product

The resulting prototype allowed CensorPic to test with their target market in a cost-effective manner, as they didn’t need to completely develop the application to get feedback.

Looking Forward

After validating their MVP they found that the market was not ready for this particular product. However, using this market feedback, CensorPic pivoted and is now DragonFlai, who continues to work with Na:gne Studio on their new SaaS platform.



“Post pivot, we are continuing to re-engage with Na:gne Studio with a better refined product, knowing we have a wealth of experience to rely on when working with them.”

Hannah Mecer
CEO, CensorPic

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