New Service! – Product Design 

We provide design services for apps and websites.

Our UI and UX experts can help you with wireframing, visual and interactive design, user testing and more.

POC (Proof of Concept) Package

For those looking to test an idea or raise funding but need an interactive design and user journey before moving onto development.

£3,350 (excl VAT)

 Estimated delivery timeline: ~2 weeks 

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What’s included?

1. End-user goals definition

We start by creating your User Goals, descriptions of end states that users want to reach. Creating these up front ensures our designs are always driving users to the right end goal.

2. Moodboard creation

We create a collection of images, interfaces and existing products to influence the final product. This helps is find and define visual principles for the product, and ensures the finished product maintains your original vision.

3. User Flows definition (limited)

We then create user flows, which are a visual representation of the many avenues that can be taken when using an app or website. We create a flowchart that begins with the consumer’s entry point on the product, like an onboarding screen or homepage, and ends with the final action or outcome, like purchasing a product or signing up for an account.

4. Low Fidelity Design

A low-fidelity (lo-fi) design is a quick and easy way to translate high-level design concepts into tangible and testable wireframes and objects. The first and most important role of lo-fi design is to check and test functionality rather than the visual appearance of the product.

5. High Fidelity Design (Interactive)

A high-fidelity (hi-fi) design appears and functions as similar as possible to the actual product that will ship allowing you to test it with real users and to provide final-design approval.

6. Design Handover

To ensure our clients have everything they need to take their design to the next phase in their business Na:gne Studio runs a formal design handover to go over final designs, explain decisions, and provide clarity for future development or testing.

Advanced Design Package

Let us create powerful designs that engage users for your new or existing application, or develop new ideas with complex user journeys for live user testing and feedback.

£5,480+ (excl VAT)

 Estimated delivery timeline: ~4 weeks 

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What’s included?

1. Includes all ‘POC Package’ deliverables

All end-user goal, moodboard, user flow, low and high fidelity and design handover deliverables in the POC Package are available in this package.

2. Complex User Flows

Extending on from the limited user flows in the POC package, we can develop user flows for as many users types and end goals as you require. We’ve done it for medical services, financial services and more.

3. Complex feature sets

Sometimes what you want doesn’t exist, no application on the market currently does it, so how do you explain and design it so you can build it? Well that’s what we are here for, to understand and design exactly what you need – even if it is a world first custom feature.

4. Copywriting for application

Writing copy for application interfaces can be tricky. Our experts can write copy that educates users, leads them on the best journeys, and reflects your user goals and brand.

5. User testing for application

Any successful design needs user testing against a live target audience to validate, we can not only give you the tools to perform this testing through our high-fidelity design, we can actually complete user testing with live users to ensure it is the perfect fit before a single line of code is written.

Download a copy of our Design Services Overview here (PDF).

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